Sculture of arms reaching to touch hands.
New Work, multiple pieces.
White Men, 2015, 96x44x26 each, urethane resin, paint, monofilament, Mitchell Lewis
2015 96x44x26 each urethane resin paint monofilament hardware
2011 32 x 74x 32 carved wood paint wax
2014 2016 69x43x40 carved wood mdf hardware motors audio pump paint bucket colored water
2018 54h x 48w x 48d plywood paint hardware
2016 62x36x38 carved wood plywood steel bronze motor artificial plants and artificial cherry
Face Time, 2017. 72 x 58 x 53. Fiberglass, Bondo, paint
Face Time, 2017. 72 x 58 x 53. Fiberglass, Bondo, paint
51x35x23wood tempera collection columbia museum of art
2016 15 x 19 x19 urethane resin bondo sheet metal paint cloth fringe plywood motorized turntable
2018 urethane resin light pair wood
2014 51x43x40 carved wood iv stand and bag stool motor paint food coloring water fan light crepe paper secca 2016
Trumpeter, 2014. 59x30x14. Carved wood, fiberglass, audio, casein, wax
2010 38x30x14 wood tempera
2014 man 58x14x13 woman 54x14x13 wood paint
2008 61x30x30 wood tempera collection mint museum
2013 67h x 53x 28d wood pvc pipe turntable motor tempera latex wax collection crystal bridges museum of american art

Bob Trotman

Bob Trotman is a sculptor working in western North Carolina. He has received fellowship support from the National Endowment for the Arts and the North Carolina Arts Council and was recently named to the College of Fellows of the American Craft Council.

His work is held in many private and public collections including Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution, Rhode Island School of Design, and the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

Slide show photo credits: Mitchell Lewis, David Ramsey, Columbia Museum of Art, Kevin Remington, Bob Trotman